Updated: 10/19/2005

Herong''s Tutorial Notes on Perl - Part A

This collection of notes and sample codes are based on my personal experiences with Perl on both Unix and Windows systems. Topics covered include binary file, CGI, class, client server, DBM file, debug, directory handle, file handle, file test, free, function, hard reference, IIS, Internet, language, Linux, module, MySQL, name space, object, object method, online, open directory, open file, package, Perl, regular expression, RPC::XML, sample codes, SOAP, SOAP::Lite, socket communication, soft reference, split, subroutine, performance, TCP, XML, XML-RPC, XML::Simple.
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    • Linux,
    • Windows,
    • FreeBSD,
    • Mac OSX,
    • Sun Solaris
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    • Commercial License,
    • Free for non-commercial use
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    • Dr. Herong Yang