Updated: 03/10/2008

Targa Menu XML

Targa Menu XML Targa menu XML is a menu made in flash but it does not require flash to run, you can use almost any HTML editor to insert the menu in a web page, it is a simple flash file (swf file), the menu can be customized by editing a configuration file (the XML file) that will be placed in the same directory with the menu, so you can customize the menu using any text editor. If you want to do more with the menu than it can also be used with custom actions inside flash. Here are the options that you can set by it s configuration file: -Background file, this can be a jpg like the samples above or a swf file (animation, banners etc) -Buttons text -Buttons URL to open -The target frame of the URL to open (same window, new window...) -Menu color and transparency -Rollover effect color and it s transparency -Buttons text color -Rollover delay, the milliseconds to wait until the menu will move up when mouse is over it. -Buttons text color on rollover -Sound effects volume
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