Updated: 11/08/2007

Pixel Menu XML

IMPORTANT !!! Buttons of the menu could be scrambled if you use an older flash player, flash player 7 or later is needed. Here are the options available in the menu: button text, url and target,menu color, border color, sub menu color and border color, normal text color and rollover text color for main buttons and sub menu, menu width in pixels, light effect transparency, rollover color and transparency, background file, if you like you can set a background swf or jpg image, search box on/off, search box width and position, search url, search variable name and target frame, you can have up to 10 buttons and sub buttons, buttons size change according to button text so your text will always fit in the buttons. Using the search box you can set the menu to do a Google search (default settings) of you can use it with your own search system. The menu is very simple to use, just place the swf menu file and XML config file in same directory and edit the XML
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