Updated: 06/14/2005

PayPal Fee Calculator

Here''s a useful tool you can use to calculate your PayPal fees. It includes many advanced options such as choosing the source and destination countries, choosing which PayPal Fee Rate you want to use, and choosing whether or not to include the 2.5% currency conversion fee (for multiple currency transactions). You can also use it to &"reverse&" calculate your PayPal fees to determine exactly how much a person should send you so that after fees are removed you actually end up with the amount you want. I use it all the time myself when I''m selling on eBay, and I''m trying to gauge that &"magic&" amount to charge so that after all fees have been removed I actually end up with the amount I want. For example, did you know that to actually receive $75 in your PayPal account someone would have to send you exactly $77.55? And the way you can find out that exact amount is by using a &"reverse&" paypal calculator such as this. Saves me a lot of time! Hope it will for you too. Any feedback, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Please vote if you find this useful.