Updated: 07/02/2005

WebFusion Studio

WebFusion Studio is the first web application development software to allow real-time collaboration between web designers, developers and end-users in building database-driven web sites and web applications. All contributers to a project may work together to build and maintain dynamic web sites and intranets, each at their own level of skill. Using the open source framework PAS (Application Server for PHP) as a foundation, WebFusion Studio vastly simplifies database integration in web applications. With true WYSIWYG editing, real-time execution of Javascript and PHP scripts, and tons of open-source add-on packages, this entirely server-based development environment speeds project completion, cuts development costs and increases customer satisfaction. Visual package manager, like Synaptic, install or upgrade any PHP / MySQL application in only 1 Click. WebFusion Studio is the first 100% web-based RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment for PHP.