Updated: 06/19/2005

Contact Form - autoresponder, thank you page, easy installation

There''s no need to expose your email address to spam. Just add this contact form and start receiving inquiries in minutes. The form is highly customizable. Contact Form Features: - Easy installation - Easy integration into your design (just add one line of code to your existing page) - Custom thank you page - You can add additional fields easily(see more on that below) - Free technical support - Detailed installation and configuration instructions - Adaptable to other languages. You can add the name of the fields in your language, just edit the configuration file. - Instant download upon purchase The contact form includes the following fields by default: - Name - Company Name - Email Address - Phone number - Message... You can easily enable four more fields: a drop-down list (see demo 2) plus three other text fields. You can have a drop down list with fully configurable options and names, and three more configurable text fields. You can make them mandatory if you''d like and create custom error messages for them. AND You can configure the thank you page the customer sees after submitting the form. &"Name&", &"email&", and &"message&" are mandatory fields and the PHP script will check if they are filled in, and will also check if a valid email address was entered. The script is not dependent on JavaScript System Requirements: PHP 4.x.x