Updated: 05/05/2005

Anti-Cache for Google, Yahoo, MSN,..

If you do not want that everybody can see your page like the search engine spider see it, looking thru the cache. You can disallow your pages to be in the search engines cache using meta. But in this case your page will not have a PageRank, and your website will not be at its best level in search engines. Then the only solution is to have your page in the cache and when someone is looking for your page cache on the search engine to redirect him to your main page. As we do not find any answer to this question (April 2005), we have decided to do a small javascript for that. Of course everybody do not have Javascript enable in the browser, but by this way you will have more visitors, all those looking the search engine cache. This script will also redirect to your main page someone who have recorded your page on its HD, if he does not have a Javascript protection for local pages integrated in the browser.