Updated: 01/11/2007

Pop Up Generator w/ Master Resell Rights

Popup Generator will allow you to create popup codes within minutes. It is a simple software program, which literally does all the work for you. It is designed to allow you to modify the code for a wide variety of popups without knowing on bit about codes. With Popup Generator, you can literally create a popup window how you want it, in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Here is what Popup Generator Will Allow you to do: * Choose whether you want a Front Popup or an InBack Popup. * Customize the size of your popup Windows * Specify where your popup appears on your users screen * Choose what functions you want in your popup o Location Bar o Directories o Menu Bar o Tool Bar o Status Bar o Resizable o Scroll Bar o Dependant * Decide if you want the popup to be Full Screen * Select How you Want the Window to popup o When Page Loads o Standard Link