Updated: 05/01/2005


JODPIE is a software that allows to import Open Directory Project RDF dumps into a relational database. JODPIE comes with a PHP script, JODPIE Lite, that allows to browse and search imported ODP RDF dumps; this PHP script is based on templates that can be customized. JODPIE has been developed having in mind portability among different platforms; it s written in Java and run from command line. This allows to run it even from a remote shell; the import process relies on a custom optmized parser for each ODP RDF dump; the interface to the database is based on JDBC in a way that import can transparently work with any relational database, provided that proper JDBC driver and SQL schema are available; we provide SQL schemas for the use of JODPIE with PostgreSQL and MySQL. The PHP script we provide relies on a database abstraction library allowing to change the database backend without customizations: only an appropriate SQL schema is needed. In this way it s possible to have a local copy of the Open Directory Project RDF dumps with about 5,000,000 reviewed websites and about 600,000 categories. Main advantages: Fast elaboration of DMOZ RDF dumps; support for full import of ODP RDF dumps; support for partial import of ODP RDF dumps (i.e. importing only category Arts with about 50,000 subcategories and 300,000 links to external pages in less than 15 minutes); reduced bandwith usage as you don t need anymore to query live Open Di...
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