Updated: 03/15/2005


WPhp generates native WordPerfect documents on-the-fly from PHP. You do not need to have WordPerfect installed on your webserver. The only requirement is PHP. The documents it generates are known to be compatible with at least WordPerfect version 9, 10 and later (and earlier). Simply include the WPhpDocument class and write your text. Includes methods for saving and downloading documents. Tthe genesis of this project was a requirement for on-the-fly generation of WordPerfect Merge Data Files to create mail merges from data on the web in a MySql database. The WPhpMergeFile class is provided, along with the merge demo file, and the generated merge file. Some other ideas for extended development of WPhp might be an HTML-to-WordPerfect application, something similar to PDML, or advanced features such as table support.