Updated: 10/01/2007

MyWebTeks JukeBox

MyWebTeks JukeBox is a next-generation Midi - Mp3 player that runs from your Browser. Currently it''s only working with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 + It runs fine with any midi files and depending on the version of Active Movie or Windows Media Player. It will also play mp3 files too! The script allows the user to adjust volume, balance, select track from a track list, display track name, author and time (elapsed or remaining). It also has a Play list and the ability to play any song immediately. Also features random or repeat play. The script is unique. It even allows you to seek to any point of the song by using the Track button. Any of you familiar with Winamp (one of the best mp3 players) will find all features immediately. Does not require that the music be stored on your site! We also offer a customized version to match the name of your site with any copyright notices removed. Instead of saying MyWebTeks JukeBox it will have the name you specify for your site.