Updated: 01/17/2005

Content Management System

Why Content Management? For most website owners, the process of updating their website goes something like this: Contact the web designer, request the changes. Possibly have further contact with the web designer to clarify the requested changes. Web designer makes the changes to the site. Review the changes, send the web designer any further changes or fixes. Recieve a bill from the web designer. This whole process can take days or even weeks. Not only do most website owners have to wait patiently for something as simple as adding another paragraph, changing some text or adding an image, but they also have to pay for it to be done. The Solution Our Content Management System (CMS) gives site owners the ability to update their website in real time, using nothing more than a web browser and an Internet connection. Imagine being able to log in to an admin page any time and change text, add parapgrahs and bullet points, update images, or add video files. CMS puts this power in your hands. It lets the web designers do what they are great at, design. It lets the people who know a business the best, manage the content. Want More? There are several versions of CMS. Basic Edition allows site owners to update their pages. Standard Edition allows site owners to add multimedia like Flash and Windows Media, edit meta tags and more. Enterprise Edition give site owners the capability to assign ...