Updated: 09/23/2005

KoldKast v2.0

Version 2.0 is the result of being rethought and the application being completely coded from scratch. Although you''ll find many common elements compared to other blogs, this is what I believe blog software should be, not what blog software already is. So after hundreds of hours put into the application over the past ten months, I''m very pleased to bring you KoldKast v2.0, the way blogging should be. KoldKast v2.0 now features: - Blocks -- Calendar -- Search -- Mailing List -- Categories -- Custom Blocks - Block ordering - Custom Pages - User Interface Modes (standard, brief and link) - Easy to use admin panel - CSS-based styling configurable via the admin panel. - bad word filter - ban filter - PDF/Flashpaper printing - Comment Spam Security Codes - Send to Friend Feature - Mailing/Subscription List - Unlimited Polls - Unlimited Authors/Admins - Hosting Plans Now Available - And more