Updated: 09/11/2006

Instant Digital Product Delivery. Works w/Ebay && your website. -Paypal

Manage the Sales of Your Digital Products on ALL your Websites and eBay Accounts from a SINGLE Centralized Location and Automatically Send Your Digital Products To Your Customers Instantly, Even if Your Computer is Turned Off... Features: -Instant product Delivery on all your ebay accounts and all your websites -Secure expiring links -Upsell -Build a list of hungry prospects && Follow up -Gain Credibility -Create Residual Income -You know all your customers by name -Security -Setup is a snap -No need to update item numbers each time you list on eBay -Works with regular auctions where the final price may vary -Unlimited products listed at the same time -Easy to use administration panel Valuable bonuses included && Affiliate program
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