Updated: 09/09/2004

Onlisys EZJ enhanced AWT toolkit

An enhancement of Java GUI ; Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit ; which you can create a nice-looking Java GUI with a few lines of code. A developer who is familiar with AWT can easily use Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit as of class/method name, which is compatible to the standard of AWT . The most popular web browser such as Internet Explorer (IE), which supports JRE (Java Runtime Environment) version 1.1.4 and Netscape, which supports JRE version 1.1.5. Our Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit is 100% Pure Java and developed to support Java Developer Kit (JDK) Version 1.1.x onwards. For this utility, your applet, developed by Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit, does not need to install more on the client web browser. Meanwhile, it also supports multi-platform, you can use Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit on your application and also on your applet, enlighten your web applet interface. It''s high performance and light-weight loading, each component is located in each file. Your application/applet will load only the specific component that you use in your code.
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