Updated: 07/02/1999

List Mail

A powerful hands-free mailing list manager that allows you to create multiple mailing lists. Our program allows you to easily maintain your mailing list via the web. Your subscribers can create and send mail to all members of the list directly from their browser. ListMail is capable of providing for uploaded attachments to be send with messages. Users can add themselves quickly and easily. The webmasters page is password protected and contains tools for administration and configuration of lists. The admin area shows the list of all members, allows subscribing of non-members, removal of users, and provides the security option to filter out unwanted IP Addresses, URLs and Email Addresses. Includes Password encryption for user access and database tracking of subs/unsubs and messages sent. Does not archive messages. Also contains a plugin script for Matt''s WWWBoard which allows all postings to be mailed to list member.