Updated: 08/15/2007

LanceAlert! for ILance Auction Software (WOW)

LanceAlert! (brandable name) provides real-time connectivity to your ILance Marketplace using a Windows9X/XP/NT application as a download for your members. They opt-in specific service or product categories (loaded from your web server running ILance) to receive new products/job listing alerts, now supporting INSTANT private messages, file transfer and group chat. Instantly alerts members when new projects become available on your marketplace, they simply opt-in to specific categories of choice. Alerts show up as instant message popups where the member can easily click a button that brings them back to your marketplace to bid! LanceAlert! fully supports replying to existing members via LanceAlert instead of them having to log-in to their accounts to reply to messages and RFP requests. The LanceAlert! application allows the site owner to offer banners within the application for further promotion and marketing tactics! Only available with ILance!