Updated: 01/03/2000

Sambar Server

The Sambar Server is a multi-threaded HTTP, FTP and Proxy server. A Sambar Server Pro license is available which enables additional server functionality: Mail, DNS, SOCKs, Document Management and more. Key features include: Multi-threaded WWW Server with highly programmable API, ISAPI Extension support, DLL-based server APIs, HTTP 1.1 KeepAlive and byte-range Support, FTP Server, Mail Server, DNS Server && Forwarding Proxy, .htaccess support, AD/content filtering via HTTP Proxy, Integrated Full-text Search Engine, Integrated Log File Analysis, Perl 5 included with server, CGI 1.1 && WinCGI 1.3 support, SSI, Virtual domain support, Username/password and IP address based security, and much more.