Updated: 01/02/2008


EasyEstimates provides a way for potential customers to create estimates for your services or products from your Web site. Customers can email the estimate to you. The email is fully customizable. Customers fill in their choices and see the estimates instantly calculated. It is ideal for service professionals, such as web designers and videographers, construction trades, and others. EasyEstimates supports many pricing models, date calculations, sub-totals, help information, multiple pages, and taxes and can be quickly setup to match your Web site''s layout and colors. It also supports passing the total to PayPal or other payment processors for payment. PayPal''s IPN is supported. EasyEstimates can dynamically change images based on a customer''s choice, such as showing the T-shirt chosen. EasyEstimates maintains a log of estimates and payments, with customer IP, that you can browse online. Requires php and MySQL