Updated: 03/05/2004

MemTronic''s HTML/JavaScript Cruncher-Compressor

What it is good for:&<br&> ================&<br&> The HTML/JavaScript Cruncher (also known as squeezing):&<br&> Removes whitespace and comments in ALL your JavaScript-Blocks, Style-Sheet-Blocks, HTML-Blocks.&<br&> This results in Bandwidth-Savings between 20% - 50%. (Depends on use of comments and style)&<br&> The entire file will work like any uncrunched file. (Search-Engines and users still can parse the code)&<br&> The HTML/JavaScript Compressor:&<br&> Compresses the entire file with a REAL compression-scheme! (Auto-DeCompression added to file)&<br&> (detects: pure JavaScript, pure HTML/CSS or HTML/CSS mixed with JavaScript).&<br&> This results in Bandwidth-Savings between 40% - 90%. (NO joke! ...seriously tested)&<br&> Besides the META-Tags (which are always kept untouched) the file is NO LONGER PARSEABLE by any Search-Engine or user! &<br&>(Compressing .js files is ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA! ...hehe)&<br&> The HTML/JavaScript Obfuscator (not finished yet):&<br&> Obfuscates (scrambles) all JavaScript-Code so that it is no longer readable by human beings.&<br&> This results in additionally reduced size (shor...