Updated: 02/07/2005


Our classifiedZONE solution is perfect for use on any Web site or as a stand-alone product. Your site visitors can browse your classified ads by multiple categories, save their favorite ads, and print out flyers from your ads to show their friends.&<br&>&<br&> Ease Of Use&<br&>&<br&> classifiedZONE gives your site visitors the power to: &<br&>&<br&> Post and manage their own classified ads right on your site &<br&> Create and modify ads at any time of the day or night&<br&> E-mail ads to their friends &<br&> Save their favorite ads for up to 30 days &<br&> Create search agents that notify them of new ads of interest&<br&> &<br&> As a site administrator using classifiedZONE, you can:&<br&>&<br&> Change the look of the administration interface to match your site &<br&> Limit the number of uploads to your site &<br&> Set size limits for uploads &<br&> Specify which file types your site will accept&<br&> Automatically check and purge ads that are no longer active &<br&>