Updated: 03/04/2006

WEB filemanager

FEATURES Very simple but effective CMS Web file tool to update and control your hompage. Simple installation, just drag and drop (no database) login system Make dir''s and delete rename files Copy files Upload files and images Tekst editor modus for php,js,css and txt files Work in WYSIWYG modus to edit html files and keep your css file in use Make automaticly backups of you excisting files Copy and paste WORD documents Hide files Enable demo mode View file permissions Hide file extentions like swf files Relative url paths NEW works with color skins NEW - CSS editor with preview, colorpicker and validation NEW - CSS generators MAC and LINUX versions available. Trial versions available Advantage: Very easy to use. Choose between English, German and Dutch. This script requires a server with PHP Version 4.3.0 or higher and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher ! There is a also new version online for MAC and LINUX users. This requires Mozilla 1.4, Firebird