Updated: 07/23/2004

ONE - Client Management System

ONE is a complete customer management system designed for small to mid-size businesses. It''s modular content makes it easy to add new functionalitis to meet the growing needs of your clients and business. Features:&<br&>Add/delete/edit clients and invoices&<br&> Manage customer mailing list, employees, and calendar&<br&>Manage client info and invoices from your wireless device&<br&>Maintain a company-wide and client-specific calendar&<br&>Automatic invoice creations and status updates&<br&>Automatic client notices and invoice biling&<br&>Download/Export financial forecasts&<br&>View monthly expenses and reports&<br&>and more...&<br&> ONE comes with a wireless component that allows site administrators to manager clients and invoices, directly from your phone or any wireless enabled device. Send a notice to one or all of your customers. View and post invoices. Register payments and export reports to Excel. Look at a snapshot of your monthly expenses, expected income, and projected income. Do it all with ONE client management tool. Do it with ONE. Visit Pepie Designs for more information - Demo Link: user: demo pass: demo =ADMINISTRATION= user: demo pass: demo Pepie Designs