Updated: 03/05/2004

Generate Text Area with great flexibility

This tag creates a custom text area with many flexible options. It lets you:&<br&>&<br&> 1. Choose a background color, text color, text font family, text font size. All for text in the text area.&<br&> 2. It comes with many formatting buttons including: Bold, Italics, Underline, Hyperlink, New line, New paragraph, View, Font color. This applies to the resulting text after submitting the form!! It is like having an editor packaged with your custom text area! Your user definitely will be amazed.&<br&> 3. You can still specifiy the name of the field, name of the form, number of rows and columns.&<br&> 4. You can submit javascript scripts for onBlur, onChange, onClick actions.&<br&>&<br&> So, you can use all the options you have for a normal TextArea plus more.