Updated: 03/05/2004

SWF Decompiler

SWF Decompiler is our third software that falls in swf decompiler category. The other two (swf editor and free swf extractor) are very simple and only handle uncompressed flash files (version 5 and older) but are free. This one does not do all the things I want it do, but is very good for extracting mp3 and images from any swf file. I am giving out this tool for only 4USD here so I can raise funds for further development and to display the capability of our PayPal IPN Framework. I''ll soon be giving out source code for swf editor (visual basic), free swf extractor (delphi) and swf decompiler (delphi) here. What can it do * Extract Images. * Extract MP3. * Extract shapes and movie clips as separate SWF files. * Show URLs used in the movie. * Save unprotected SWF (so you can import it in flash). * Show SWF information (frame rate, size etc.). * Show TAGS (if you are interested) What it can not do * Make changes to your SWF. * Convert your SWF to FLA. * Extract actionscript (you can use a free tool, flare for that). Features * Handles swf version 4, 5, MX. Handles compressed && protected swf files too. * Extracts all content in separate folders for cleaner organization. * No installation required! Just a single executable. * Only $4