Updated: 12/07/2006

PHPCart - The Simple E-Commerce Solution!

PHPCart is a powerful yet simple to use shopping cart system. PHPCart allows you to generate your own ''Add to Cart'' links which you add to your current site design. PHPCart requires no database at all. PHPCart is a 100% template driven shopping cart system. There are 3 ways to set up the look of your cart. 1. Use our classic template and change the colors in the control panel. 2. Modify an existing template in your favorite html editor. 3. Completely write your own template from scratch using our simple template language. PHPCart supports a number of payment gateways including the following, WorldPay, PayPal, Nochex, FastPay, eWay, 2Checkout,, LayawayCart plus many more. You can also use multi payment options simultaneously. Version 4.5: Now with Coupon Support and Template Driven plus Multiple Shipping Options and Multiple Taxing Regions (allows you to tax multiple states/regions). Over 1,500 Happy Customers through 2006.