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PSPL Multi Select dropdown Box

PSPL Multi Select Box is a stylish alternative for select multiple menus in normal HTML. With it you can select multiple options without pressing ALT key. PSPL Multiple Select Box is W3C Complaiant, its customizable and you can create your own styl...

X Pay Pro

X Pay Pro is a fully featured script which includes everything the discerning administrator could ever wish for to make the script both powerful and easy to configure to however you want it. Nearly every feature is optional, meaning that you can enab...


Freeglobes is a PHP directory script with plugin and theme systems. it''s a powerful directory script as it cans evoluate by adding plugins. you can also customize it easily by building your own theme. Main Features : - Plugin and Theme syst...

RankQuest Code Cleaner

1. Huge pages and unnecessary HTML tags in a page can adversely affect the performance of a page in the SERP rankings. 2. HTML Code Cleaner helps you avoid the same by removing unnecessary HTML tags and spaces in a page and thus reducing the page s...

Xpoze PRO

Xpoze PROXpoze PRO - The complete solution, easy to use, yet having lots of features to help buyers and sellers to find or sell images after their needs. Main features * SEO friendly URL and TAGS support (using Mod_Rewrite) * Fully Customizable CSS b...

CC Newslet

CC Newslet is a small utility that displays news or events for your website. Using PHP and MYSQL, it is easily adaptable to your own site''s needs. Simple to configure and customize, this is a great script for PHP beginners. The administration...

aim profile link tracker : AimStats

You don''t have to use those cheesy AIM tracker sites anymore. Brand new very easy automated install, all you need is your mysql connection info! It tracks the usual stats ( total clicks, browser+usage percentages, os+usage percentages, date/tim...

RQ Search and Replace

RQ Search and Replace is easy to use text replacement utility for Windows. Main features: Search and replace (multistring) text blocks, whole words, &"enclosed blocks&", Html tags and attributes. Replace, delete, insert before..,...

Quick and Simple Form Creator for PHP (form-a-form)

The form-a-form will allow you to create a form that you can use as a template, or rather as a really great start for your forms. It not only generates the HTML code for the form, but generates the PHP query aspects of the form as well. It is quite s...

EZ CSS Generator

This service will write your css information and your HTML tags without any knowledge of how CSS works. It features drop down lists of all yor choices and formats your styling options into a style class, with example of how to use as HTML. The enti...