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2x25 Hyper-Matrix Script with LibertyReserve

Product Information 2x25 Fully Featured Hyper-Matrix Script with LibertyReserve - V-Money - e-Gold - Paypal Option A First and Only 2x25 Hyper-Matrix Site Script on Market with LibertyReserve - V-Money - e-Gold - Paypal Option ! Members g...

EMAIL / MIME Parser (Decoder) in PHP

No other scripts (or classes) are required. Simply provide the script with a raw email in $email. The script will then parse the Headers in to &"To:&" &"From:&" &"Cc:&" and &"Bcc:&&qu...

XXK PHP Search Complete with Utilities and Content Analysis

This is probably one of our better ''coding'' releases for functionality. We have developed several improvements over all the other releases we have. The install isn''t nearly as easy as previous ones and we are prepared to support an...

Mime4Net - Mail messages parser for .Net

Mail parser Mime4Net - quick mime parsing and easy integration. 100% compatibility with RFC822 and MIME. Can build e-mail message structure, extract attachments, fields encoding/decoding. Features: * MIME messages parsing * Easy integratio...

Javascript base64 encode / decode

This script is used to encode / decode data using the base64 algorithm. It is fully compatible with UTF-8 encoding. Useful when u want to transfer data using AJAX technology.

PHP and AJAX tool to transform text

Just wrote this tool, to allow instant transformation of data into following formats: base64 encode decode, urlencode decode, md5 and sha1 hashing, rot13, addslashes and htmlentities. Really cool to select ''all'', then compare ...

Supermail Plus!

Supermail Plus allows you to compose and send text or html emails within PHP. Features include the ability to add attachments, embedded images, various custom headers and also support various standards for 7bit, 8bit, Base64 and Quoted-Printable. Sup...

Free Anonymizer Web Proxy by Siatec

Surf in the Web Anonymous with this Php Web Based High Anonymity Proxy. Steal Your IP Address and choose more options: Show images, Block Scripts, Use Base64 or Rotate 13 encode to steal the WWW address of the site You are visiting. All for Free!

Base64 Encoder/Decoder

Base64 Encoder and Decoder written in JAVA. Runs using command line and can encode/decode files or strings and output either in the command line or into specified file. The algorithm is quite standard and is virtually identical to what email protocol...