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DaDaBIK for PHP-Nuke Vers. 7.1

DaDaBIK Database Interface Module for PHP-Nuke (from version 6.5 onwards, tested on PHP-Nuke 6.x - 7.3) with additional functions such as user authentication and e-mail notification. DaDaBIK is a free PHP application that allows you to easily c...

Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor Applet Edition

New features: full support for CSS, XHTML, international encodings, copy && paste, drag && drop from external applicatons such as MS Office etc. Remote browsing for inserting hyperlinks and images configurable from applet parameters. ...

Table Guru

Table Guru is a standalone app that renders an HTML 4.01 compliant table effortlessly. It was written for an beginner or anyone who has difficulty in creating HTML tables but it is a big help to anyone, particularly when trying to visualize tables in...

Appgini PHP Generator For MySQL

Appgini PHP Generator For MySQLInstantly create multi-user PHP web database interfaces that let users view, sort, search and edit data of a MySQL database easily from a single web page. You have total control over how users can interact with your data. Display database contents to...


FAQmanager is FAQmanager is one simple perl script that allow you to easily set up and maintain a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The script can work within your existing HTML layout with no modification and have been written so that you can spend ...


board-tnk is a single-threaded, multi-forum script based on PHP and MySQL. Features: very secure check of the urls, multi-forums, only one level thread for each forum, cookie for tracking user info, smiley icons, &"simplified&" html...

Online Wizard for Converting HTML Table to Delimited Text File

This is an ASP/DHTML-designed online wizard for converting HTML table to text file with user specified delimiter. You may use this wizard to convert html table generated from SQL Server in an internet or an intranet system to text file with a user sp...

PHP FormWizard

Tired of the same coding every time you start a new project? Then, PHP FormWizard may help you. It reads a mysql table and automatically generates html forms embedded with php-coding. It features: selectbox for the databases, html-form, style-templat...

Calendars for the Web - PC Version

Calendars for the Web - PC Version is a unique authoring tool for creating dazzling Web calendars generator. Just add your events and use the Web Site Wizard to create all the calendars you need. Features include: Create client-side image map or HTML...

Image Indexer

IMGIDX.PL will create an index of images in an HTML table format. It will also optionally: create a HTML page for each of the images based on a default built-in or user-specified template; create a slideshow of images; and attach captions to each of ...