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Popup Generator

Use our simple and effective javascript popup generator to automatically produce javascript code to allow popups on your website. You can also use this script to offer as a program on your website for visitors to use for free in or in a paid access a...

PHP Event Calendar

PHP Event Calendar is one of the most customizable calendars on the internet. It allows unlimited combinations of sizes, colors, fonts, borders, date and time formats, week starting dates, language, etc... Once installed on your website with a single...

Tigra Fader

Tigra Fader is free JavaScript slide show component featuring cross-fade transition effect between the slides. Features include: unlimited number of slides; unlimited number of independently configured slide show on the page; configurable cross-fade ...

An ajax-based newsletter sign-up form

An ajax-based newsletter sign-up form in ASP using the prototype javascript framework. User enters name and email, validation is done and he is added to the database all without refreshing the current page. Use it to collect subscriber emails at yo...

Free Poll

When you create a poll you need to copy a single line of HTML code and then put it on your web page. There is nothing that needs to be installed by you. All files and databases are hosted on our servers. Once you put the HTML code on your web page yo...

Free Calendar

When you create a calendar you need to copy a single line of HTML code and then put it on your web page. Edit your calendar events and options via own password protected administration page. There is no need to update your pages. You can use the cale...

PHP Articles

This script automates the task of displaying daily updated, royalty free articles on your web site. The articles are displayed on your site using PHP so search engines just love them! There are JavaScript versions out their that visually do the same ...


GrimBB is a free bulletin board system that functions by spontaneously generating a flat file relational database. It is intended to provide webmasters that use free webservers with the means of setting up a forum on their site without relying/needin...

Ez Rate Hoster

A rating hosting system to allow webmasters to provide free rating solution, main features include: Generates javascript code which can be pasted into any HTML webpage to display the rating. Ability to add google ads on rate submission page. Admin ca...


Just released, a free new javascript function which allows simple ajax implementation, Just a single line of code is all that is needed to implement ajax. No heavy frameworks just a simple little function. Demo && Download available from the ...