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Free News Feed

You can enhance any website with free news content, from over 1500 news sources, from every topic you can imagine. The code is written in JavaScript and can easily be placed on any webpage within 10 minutes. Best of all its all free.

Javascript Encrypter

Encrypt and protect your javascript code by using our free online Javascript encrypting tool.

Iron Man File-Path Protector

HiPower-ASPScriptGuard is an IMMENSELY powerful && EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT tool for SECURING FILE PATHS of javascript && stylesheet (.js && .css) files in ASP pages. Hundreds of hours may be spent developing such scripts only for th...

Contact Form - autoresponder, thank you page, easy installation

There''s no need to expose your email address to spam. Just add this contact form and start receiving inquiries in minutes. The form is highly customizable. Contact Form Features: - Easy installation - Easy integration into your design (just ...

JavaScript Tester

This service will allow you test JavaScript code snippets. This is a FREE service.
DETAILS PHP Scripts has listings for PHP, CGI/Perl, Javascript and Java scripting. We have a message board for tips and tricks to to help in the development of your website. We also offer a wide variety of scripts for installation as well as web design a...
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meMail is a simple email form that lets visitors to your site send you an email. meMail comes in two flavors, in meMail4Frames the html code is written and formatted to be used in an I-frame, javascript sized window, or other sizable medium. With meM...

Online Visitors Stats

BasicStat.Com is a free online visitors stats service. We provide real-time stats about online visitors of your site. Stats include Visitors IP Address or Hostname, Requested URL of your web site, Visitors Country, Visitors Browser and Referred Web P...


Weather is among the most popular content on the web and will keep your users coming back. Easily add continuously updated content to your site by pasting a few lines of code into your page(s). WeatherClicks is the largest provider of free Java...

Daily Christian Content

Daily Commentary is a daily feed that''s placed on your site via javascript. Give you and your visitors dynamically updated content on a daily basis. It consists of a bible verse with related commentary. The code is nothing more than a simple l...