Updated: 05/12/2005

Iron Man File-Path Protector

HiPower-ASPScriptGuard is an IMMENSELY powerful && EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT tool for SECURING FILE PATHS of javascript && stylesheet (.js && .css) files in ASP pages. Hundreds of hours may be spent developing such scripts only for them to be snooped into and downloaded free of charge. HiPower-ASPScriptGuard prevents such by using 48-DIGIT DISPOSABLE UNIQUE KEYS for script access. In other words, keys are automatically USED ONLY ONCE BY A USER and EXPIRES IMMEDIATELY AFTER - i.e. any key viewed in the source code is ALREADY EXPIRED! Unprotected page &<!-- script src= &"dev/allmyhardwork.j s&" --&> This tag would be similar to what is displayed in an unprotected page. The hacker would simply trace your file path and download it for free. Protected page &<!-- script src= &"scriptguard.asp? TagID=541A&&KeyID=09O8 U765T432ED32JMHBGF4DS231A SWQW2009MNBVC5REDSW&" --&> This tag would be similar to what would be displayed in a protected page. The file path would be completely removed from the view of potential snoopers and the file loaded secretly. If a snooper attempts to navigate directly to the scriptguard.asp file using any parameters whatsoever or none at all, the person would get an alert message notifying them that their actions are being monitored! Benefits - Iron-Clad Security To Pro...