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Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu

Make a professional menu for your site with the Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu. Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced Menu can even execute javascript functions. Features: Unlimited Buttons and Su...


Software used to automatically build a PHP file that process an HTML form. You ve just to open the HTML form. The program scans the form and extract all the fields names from it. You ll have then to fill some information and then press the Build butt...

Advanced Menu Bar

Advanced Menu Bar is a Java applet that allows you to make a professional menu for your site. Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced Menu Bar can even execute javascript functions. Features: Unlim...


Xcripter is a framework for database driven code generation: Asp, Html, JavaScript. Its technology is based in pipelines of Xml Transformations, and guided by Visual Basic Classes. It is very easy to use: 1. Select a Database, 2. Select a Table, 3....
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Vertical Menu System - Professional Edition

Give your web pages a professional navigation system. Vertical Menu Applet lets you put menus on your web pages that will automatically resize themselves to the available area that they are given by the HTML form, set by the WIDTH and HEIGHT properti...

Resetting forms using an Image Button (IE4+ / NS4+)

In forms when using text boxes or text areas and check boxes you might need a reset button that is not the usual gray HTML button. For this you can use a small JavaScript function as given below. Note: This button will reset only text boxes,text area...

Adminimizer Pro

Adminimizer Pro is a COM server component that creates an HTML editor inside a browser window. Full font, CSS style, and color control without needing to know HTML. Copy && Paste from MS Office while maintaining formatting. Easily control whi...


webOrama is a tool to check rapidly the content of a whole web site. It can traverse automatically and thoroughfully a tree of html pages, displaying each of them in a window, thus allowing a rapid control of the appearance of the page. A single clic...

Vee and DA''s MailFormMaster System

The MailFormMaster System is a set of perl cgi scripts that allow users to create HTML forms easily, and without HTML knowledge, and that gather user input and send to an entity via email. Features include: Configuration via a central config file, Em...


SillySite is a simple web page design program. There are a limited number of built-in graphics and colors so that a person can quickly create a simple web page in a variety of &"looks.&" When the user gets their page the way they ...