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TalkShop is a collection of Perl scripts and HTML templates that allow you to run a highly customizable webforum on your website. Through TalkShop, visitors can post new messages, read messages, and respond to messages from other visitors, all via th...

Atrax.ComboBox Component

The Atrax.ComboBox component is a COM object for Active Server Pages. It''s primary purpose is to create HTML select elements from disparate data formats. Currently supported formats are: ODBC-Compliant Databases. VBscript, JScript or similar St...


ASPointer is an ActiveX Component designed for use with Microsoft Active Serve Pages or in custom applications. It provides a whole range of ways to select specific information within XML and HTML documents, and files with similar delimited elemen...


HPE is a set of PHP scripts that collects updates from a collection of sites around the web and displays them in news boxes which can be organized on a number of pages. It uses MySQL to store data, and includes PHP3 functions that support formats rag...

Web Page Purifier

This Perl script allows you to restrict your HTML to published standards. It lets you enter a Web page URL, select the HTML Purity Level, and see what your page look like for the chosen HTML level.

Search Engine Redirector

This script lets visitors at your site search the web by selecting from a list of search engines. It also has the option to log what people are searching for on each site. You will need the HTML code containing the form and engine.cgi. The urls and t...

Vee and DA''s MailFormMaster System

The MailFormMaster System is a set of perl cgi scripts that allow users to create HTML forms easily, and without HTML knowledge, and that gather user input and send to an entity via email. Features include: Configuration via a central config file, Em...


This script allows you to select and output a random &"segment&" of html on your Web page.

Subscribe Me(TM) Professional

Subscribe Me(TM) ProfessionalFeatures include: single or double &"opt-in&" email signup for your various security needs. Double-opt in includes a random unique string to ensure no &"spoofing&" of email additions. Unlimited mailing lists, mai...

Quick Jump Station

Redirection script. Select a web destination from a drop-down menu and go for it. No URLs are used into the HTML code, so nobody can use your script without your knowledge.