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TPCS Block IP for a specified time limit

This is a PHP IP blocker program that will log the IP address of anyone who accesses the page and the time the page was accessed and wont let them come back for a set time limit. You can set the time limit to whatever you want.

Creating an IP Blocker

Learn how to create an IP blocker for your website. Prevent unwanted access to pages and block people.


Our Guestbook Application is easy to use and has some Features: Name, eMail, Homepage and Comment, eMail to Visitor and Owner (adjustable, uses JMail Component), Admin area for editing and deletion of entries and adding comments to entries, HTML not ...

Star Rating System PRO

The easy way to add a comment and rating script to your page. The system is based on TEMPLATES, so no advanced programming skills are needed, just minor configuration. Plus it''s perfectly usable on forums, articles, pictures and products. TOP...