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Javascript Cascades

A cascading javascript function that allows users to select a row, click on the submit button in that row and each of the rows below that one selected. By contrast, deselecting the row further down the page and hitting that row s submit button would ...

Submit Bouton Desactivation - Free - Javascript

A very simple and powerfull javascript : desactivate submit button during form processing !!! It avoid a double click error on form. Very usefull. Make profesionnal forms !!!
DETAILS News Content via JavaScript

The news content JavaScript makes it easy to bring news headlines into your website. In three steps you can have headlines from thousands of popular news providers on your site: (1) Browse the RSS Feed Directory at for t...


Touchup is an image processing applet for displaying GIF and JPEG images on a web page. It''s a powerful, interactive replacement for the HTML IMG tag, ideal for use in photo galleries! By clicking on the first button that appears when mousing o...

The Count Game

This is a JavaScript counter based game. To play the game, click on the button to start, and click on the button again to stop the counter. To win, you have to stop the counter between &"98-100&" (including extremes). The number y...


Got a submissions form that you keep getting multiple submissions from? I''ve found that in most cases its because people are impatient and click the submit button repeatedly until they get a response. The unfortunate result is that you receiv...

Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu

Make a professional menu for your site with the Advanced Floating Pop-Up Menu. Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced Menu can even execute javascript functions. Features: Unlimited Buttons and Su...

Advanced Menu Bar

Advanced Menu Bar is a Java applet that allows you to make a professional menu for your site. Menus can pop up over HTML content, frames and even go over the browser window. The Advanced Menu Bar can even execute javascript functions. Features: Unlim...

SearchBliss Form with Validation Generator

This is a Web-based wizard that generates a JavaScript form validation code with textfields and a text area. Type the text that will appear next to each textfield, the textfield names, and choose the textfields width and max number of characters. You...

Anywhere Mail

This is a neat little JavaScript button that will help you to e-mail anyone. Just click ''E-Mail Someone!'' and JavaScript will ask you for the necessary information - e-mail address, subject, etc. Then, a new mail message is opened for you.