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Komodo IDE

ActiveState''s Komodo IDE 4 helps developers create great applications using dynamic languages and open technologies. Award-winning tools for debugging, code intelligence, visual code navigation, and the regular expression toolkit help developer...

Bookmark Script

This JavaScript code allows you to let your users add a bookmark to your site by clicking on a link.

Ace Date Display

This is a JavaScript code snippet to display today''s date on your web page.

Update Price of Selected Item

This JavaScript shows how to update a text component of a form on a selection change in the same form. It uses the event onchange to trigger the javascript function to go see what is selected and look up the price for that selection. Its design allo...

php-js-webedit HTML editor

The php-js-webedit editor is a tool for editing and building HTML pages (relatively complex) from a browser. It allows you to edit the HTML code in a textarea field, and includes a variety of JavaScript functions to assist you for creating links, tab...

The JavaScript Source

The JavaScript Source is a &"cut && paste&" JavaScript library with a variety of free JavaScripts for your web pages. Categories include Buttons, Clocks, Calendars, Games, Navigation, Forms, and spiffy Background Effects. Ea...


Riskychat is all ASP code (VBscript) with a little client-side javascript thrown in. It needs no server settings (no database or other) apart from the fact that the server obviously needs to be asp enabled. It is ideal for comunicating through firewa...

JavaScript Enabled Redirect

If your visitor has JavaScript enabled in their browser, they are automatically redirected to your JavaScript-enhanced page. If their browser doesn''t support JavaScript or they have it disabled, the NOSCRIPT code will display a link to another ...

Master Snooper

Master Snooper is an easy to install, easy to maintain CGI program written with Perl 5 to let you see the real code behind web pages. Have you typed in one URL and ended up somewhere else? Use Master Snooper to see the HTML source code they used to s...

Javascript Bible

Fully revised and updated to include JavaScript 1.2, JavaScript Bible, 3rd Edition provides in-depth coverage of such JavaScript basics as document objects, forms, multiple windows, and frames. You also get instruction on creating mouse-rollover imag...