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Javascript Compressor

You can compress && obfuscate your javascript files with this free online javascript compressor. Compressing your scripts will make them download faster, reduce bandwidth usage and make it harder for others to steal your code. The...

Open Source Document Management Software

Epiware enables organizations to easily share information and effectively collaborate on documents in a browser-based environment. Epiware enables the creation of virtual teams by providing an online workspace for users to collaborate and exchange i...

DHTML Menu Builder

DHTML Menu Builder is an online tool for creating multi-level DHTML menus. Top-level elements of your menu will be purely HTML, so that the site can be browsed by the users with JavaScript disabled and so that its structure is transparent for search ...

AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications

Assuming a basic knowledge of PHP, XML, JavaScript and MySQL, this book will help you understand how the heart of AJAX beats and how the constituent technologies work together. After teaching the foundations, the book will walk you through numerous r...
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Smallest AJAX example in the world?

Can a smaller working AJAX example be produced? Always a believer in keeping it simple && find it easier to learn something complex, by making it as small as possible. Visit the URL for a very small AJAX online demo. You can just cut...

Email Obfuscator

The Email Obfuscator hides your emailaddresses on your website, so spambots can''t find them. There is an online generator available as well as implementations for jsp, php, asp, c#, and even a textpattern plugin! Decoding is done ...


uAlbum is one file web gallery based on PHP and JavaScript scripting. The main idea was create really simple online gallery for situations when you need public some photos in short time and you will not create some galleries, subgalleries, set permis...

Dropdown HTML Element(s)

Unlike JavaScript dropdown menus, this script can be used to dropdown any HTML block. For example, you can use it to create dropdown search forms or hint boxes. Certainly, you can use the script to create dropdown menus as well. The script is very ea...

Online Sudoku

Online Sudoku is A javascript version of the popular japanese number game sudoku. This can be used to play sudoku online. Sudoku is a mind game and a puzzle that you solve with reasoning and logic. Fill in the grid with digits in such a manner that e...

PBoptimize - Website Code Optimizer

PBoptimize is a web application which can optimize PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. It removes the unnecessary spaces linefeeds, tabulators and comments. You can customize the script configuration to fit your individual needs. The optimized files...