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Mouseover Pops Up DHTML component

This JavaScript shows how to create a DHTML item popup centered on the window on a mouseover. This example should have code running on the body onload event. Works on both IE and Netscape.

PopUp Maker

PopMaker is a code generator that takes the drudgery out of *reliably* making popup window code. Veterans coders will appreciate this well-done utility; and newcomers to JavaScript coding just plain love it. It does more than just make the code -- it...

Create and Move PopUp

This JavaScript demonstrates how to create a popup window that moves around the screen. It gets (de)activated upon moving cursor over a given link.

Fullscreen Popup

Fullscreen Popup is a JavaScript that opens up a new window automatically as the page finishes loading. It opens up a new window that is set to be fullscreen size. It only works on IE.

Timed Self-Closing Popup Window Kit

This is a small kit with popup window launching code on one page, and the code to automatically close the popup window after a preset period of time on a second page. This is basically a mini-tutorial, with very clear instructions and clean code in ...


havChat is a Java TCP/IP chat server with multiple (highly) customizable and brandable applet clients using both TextArea and Multicolor text - featuring Public and Private Rooms, Moderation, Whiteboard, Priv Levels, Remote Admin, Private Chat, Loca...
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Sakki''s Popup window

This is a simple script demonstrating how to use JavaScript to create a popup window upon clicking a link. It allows you easily configure width, height, option to enable scrollbar, menubar, etc.

Remote Menu Example I

This is a neat JavaScript that allows you to add a popup remote control menu on your page for easy site navigation. In the remote menu, when a user moves his/her cursor over a link, it displays the description of the link, and when clicked it sends t...

Pop Up Window

Upon a user entering your page, this JavaScript automatically makes and calls its own Popup Window Menu for easy navigation. You can configure the menu with any URLs by simply editing the script.

PopOrder Form

New Features: Made the program more secure, and added print receipt button. New EURO options added for date, money, post code, county, country. For those of you who only have a few items to sell on the web, and don''t want the hassle of a ful...