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Meta Tag Generator

Use our simple and effective javascript meta tag generator to automatically produce a set of meta tags to help improve your websites and improve search engine optimisation. You can also use this script to offer as a program on your website for visito...

Instant Wallpaper Site

Create your very own wallpaper site with 0% effort! With this automatic script, all you need to do is upload, and that''s it! This will instantly create a wallpaper website with millions of wallpaper images! To make the website stand out even ...

Search Listbox Items - FREE

A very simple and powerfull Search Listbox Items javascript !!!! This script search listbox items by entering first letters... usefull for long listbox.

Page Loading Time Calculator

A very simple and powerfull Page Loading Time javascript !!!! This script can be used in result search page for exemple to see in how much time the curent page as been loaded...

Image Search Script

This is an advanced Image search script that uses javascript technology to search the web for images and to show both thumbnail images and also full size images without the need to send your visitors to the actual location of the image. This is an id...

PHP Articles

This script automates the task of displaying daily updated, royalty free articles on your web site. The articles are displayed on your site using PHP so search engines just love them! There are JavaScript versions out their that visually do the same ...

Advanced Sortable JSTable

Our free javascript table is a cool script that adds to any table advanced filters for rows, sortable columns, collapsible tbodies and more. It''s free, easy to use and hight customizable with CSS. Each table is implemented as plain HTML on the ...