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Form Validation

This is a simple form validation script that checks for empty fields. Dreamweaver offers very little in JavaScript form validation unless you''re using Cold Fusion. In my opinion the built-in form validation behavior in Dreamweaver is sloppy and...


Open a classified ad section on your website. Deliver targeted listings to increase traffic. Make money selling classified ad space. One line Javascript installation. No outbound links / iframes. Browse, search, submit ads, without leaving your we...

Generate Text Area with great flexibility

This tag creates a custom text area with many flexible options. It lets you:&<br&>&<br&> 1. Choose a background color, text color, text font family, text font size. All for text in the text area.&&...

Paypal Donation/Subscription Multi Currency Chooser

For use on websites needing to accept PayPal Subscriptions/Donations in all currencies, this simple javascript eliminates the need to have a seperate button for each PayPal currency. Change currency values for your desired amounts and when your us...

The target attribute

For various web scripts it is more convenient that user will see form executed in new window when he is pressing the submit button. Using JavaScript you can control the appearance of that window. change size, turn off navigation panel, hide manubar a...


Got a submissions form that you keep getting multiple submissions from? I''ve found that in most cases its because people are impatient and click the submit button repeatedly until they get a response. The unfortunate result is that you receiv...

Form Validator

This is a JavaScript Form validator. When you submit the form, it validates the data you entered in the various fields. You are allowed to enter only alphabetical characters in the &"Name&" field. You can enter only numerical data i...

php-js-webedit HTML editor

The php-js-webedit editor is a tool for editing and building HTML pages (relatively complex) from a browser. It allows you to edit the HTML code in a textarea field, and includes a variety of JavaScript functions to assist you for creating links, tab...

Submit Sends Email And Loads New Page

This JavaScript allows you to have a submit type button in a form which causes a mail message to be sent, and have the current page load a different URL.

Pulldown Menu (Automatic)

This Javascript will display an ordinary-looking menu. Once a link is selected, the visitor is automatically taken to the website without hitting ''Go!'' or any other submit buttons.