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The JavaScript Source

The JavaScript Source is a &"cut && paste&" JavaScript library with a variety of free JavaScripts for your web pages. Categories include Buttons, Clocks, Calendars, Games, Navigation, Forms, and spiffy Background Effects. Ea...

Slide Show

This is a simple JavaScript that implements a slide show. It features clean interface, preloads images for fast navigation, and allows you to display corresponding text for each slide.

Bouncing Status Bar Message

This JavaScript allows you to scroll and bounce text message on the status bar.

Dynamic Clock

This script shows the time, second by second, in normal text instead of a box. This makes it look more natural on your page. The only bad part is that it''s hard to change the color and other attributes of the text without being a CSS or Javascr...

JavaScript Clock

This is a military-style text JavaScript clock that changes by the second.

Image Map Display

This script combines imagemaps and JavaScript to produce a message in a text box when the mouse is moved over different parts of an image. This is good if you need a more detailed description of part of an image.

Button Overkill

This JavaScript takes the image substitution idea one step further to produce a toolbar in which the buttons change appearance in response to mouse movement or actions, and explanatory text appears in a little ''LCD-look'' panel. Upon click...

Scroll Text in Layers #2

This JavaScript allows you to scroll text from right to left on the browser window. You can customize the font, font size, font style and font color. It only works with Netscape 4.


This JavaScript implements pulldown and go. You can specify any number of URLs along with text description.

Cameron Gregory''s Clock

This simple JavaScript allows you to display the current time in a text box.