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Ad Carousel

Carousel is a no-hassle ad banner script written in Perl. v2.3 Update: Logs number of times each banner is shown, number of clicks on each banner, weighting of banners, no SSI required - use JavaScript or SSI. other features: No script configuration,...

Java SpellCheck Applet * COM Server

Complete control over the dictionary is provided via Word 97 enabling multiple language support. Stability && load management is via MTS/ COM+ usage. Client side usage is fully configurable using JavaScript actions to display spell check for ...


This is a simple JavaScript game of pong that is animated inside a form text area.

Format Text To lowercase

Here is a simple yet useful JavaScript that allows you to covert any given text to lowercase. To see the source, just click on &"View Source&" button.


BrainCode''s JS SCROLL is a horizontal scrolling text ticker, often called a marquee. Specifically designed for JavaScript Junkies, it''s completely JavaScript controllable. (Get a look at the great doc. provided with the applet.) JS SCRO...


This JavaScript library provides encryption for Web pages using simple, text-oriented method called column transposition. The idea is to write the plain text in block on the row-first bases. The text is then read column-first. The trick is in that th...


havChat is a Java TCP/IP chat server with multiple (highly) customizable and brandable applet clients using both TextArea and Multicolor text - featuring Public and Private Rooms, Moderation, Whiteboard, Priv Levels, Remote Admin, Private Chat, Loca...
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CodeBrain''s JavaScript Sound Kit Download

This is a complete downloadable kit with demos and documentation. It includes a special JavaScript function, and shows how to use sound with JavaScript on image and text mouseOvers.

Daily Text Display Tool

This handy tool allows you to generate JavaScript that greet your visitor''s with a new message depending on the day of the week. Just fill out the text for each day of the week, then copy and paste.

Message in a New Window

This JavaScript allows you to type in a text message in a form and on a button push display your message in a new window.