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Online Encryption Tool

Are you worried about the security of your data on internet?? then try our Online Encryption Tool. It will help you to encrypt your data in base64, ascii, binary, hex, l33t, ROT-13, DES, CRC16, CRC32, md5 && many other formats. You can encryp...

Xceog User Management Package

Designed to be easy-to-use, this package allows you to set up your own member sections, compulsory for users to sign up. This version includes a form with standard fields, lock functionality, login && logoff script && md5 security enc...

MyKazaam .htAdmin

This script allows the admin to add, remove or modify user listings from .htpasswd files to control access to secured directories and files. Admin account securely controled by MD5 encrypted password and has control over entire userlist in the .htp...

SWNews Version 1.2

SWNews allows you to fully manage news on your website. You can control it all by the admin panel, which offers you features to control aspects of your news script. You can -Post news -Edit News -Delete News -Add admins -Delete Ad...

GMTT Lite Login System

Lite Login System is a secure php login system that uses sessions and allows you stop people viewing webpage unless they are registered. It uses md5 encryption and so is very secure, however it also saves an unecrypted password in the database.

Net-factors ProEdit

Net-factors ProEdit is an ASP.NET WebControl and is written in 100% managed code and works under .Net and Mono (Linux) No coding needed No SQL needed (or create your own sql statements). Automatically detect views, stored procedures, trigg...


Zippylinx is a powerful script, capable of handling a large number of links, categories and subcategories. It has built-in javascript and integrated CSS, coded in XHTML Strict. Complete with features like button uploads and easy configuration, Zippyl...

Joe''s Encrypter

Joe''s Encrypter is an encrypter for PHP. It is not very useful by itself, but rather, it is ment to be implemented into a script. It can encrypt text using a md5 hash and the current time. The generated md5 hash is different every time bec...

Miraplacid Crypto Component

MSCCrypto is COM component for Active Server Pages and stand-alone applications. It includes collection of the best encryption and hashing algorithms: RSA public key algorithm (512/1024/2048 bits); AES symmetric block algorithm (128/192/256 bits); Bl...


WebAPP, stands for Web Automated Perl Portal, allows you to set the site up, and requires minimal work to maintain it. It was built to be used for a news site, stories, personal, etc. Included are topics, forums, instant message, who''s online, ...