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Free Hosting Script

- With Script-Free-Host you can offer your clients to setup their own hosting account, subdomain and email account within a few minutes. - Easy setup, even for beginners, good description on each variable to edit, and to MySql database needed for se...

IPN Pro 3

IPN Pro 3 is the perfect affordable secure payment && delivery solution for merchants offering electronic goods for sale like ebooks, mp3''s, scripts, software, templates etc using PayPals payment gateway for processing. IPN Pro 3 ...

Seir Anphin 2

Essentially a core platform and a set of administrative tools for running any kind dynamic website. Seir Anphin was built on PHP 4 and MySQL iforget. Seir Anphin''s core supports user-registration, database-driven templates, database abstr...

MySQL Cache Script

This script cache''s a variable or an array of variables for a specified amount of time in a MySQL table. Useful for pages that fetch data from other websites, so that you don''t have to query the remote site every time you want data.


Perl Development Environment with multi-file syntax-highlighting editor, web utilities such as one-click FTP upload, one-click upload and execute on server, one-click testing to in-line text pane or web browser, inbuilt web server, MySQL integration,...

Noah''s Classifieds V8

Noah''s Classifieds V8 is a Great PHP, MySQL based highly customizable classified ad application that allows users to post advertisements to unlimited categories and subcategories. This new and Hot Web 2.0 Look , Feel and Performance Features: E...


Ever wanted to see who enters your site and how? With this program you can do just that. ServerStats is a RealTime PHP (Apache) Log Analyzer that parses your servers log file to list variable components. It lists IPs, Domains, Referrers, OSs, Browser...

IPN Development Handler

A free bare bones ipn handler that you can use to integrate into your existing scripts or projects. Features a dual posting mode where you can post a simulated ipn from our own IPN Testing Environment. This avoids the need for making live test transa...


12react can be used to offer visitors of your site the ability to react to certain things on your site. These things can be news-items, pictures, you, etc. The script can handle multiple reaction pages but as reaction page to your entire site it coul...