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File Uploader

This Web based Perl cgi script allows you to upload any file documents (text, image, audio, etc.) to a directory available on your server. User must provide a valid password to use this utility. A function to list files in the upload directory is als...

PHP Simple Gallery Script

This script is meant for small gallery (less than 100 files). This is an index file which you can upload to your directory full of images. With this file you may view those images as gallery with ease and you don''t need to edit this file as you...

Advanced Uploader

Advanced Uploader is a PHP script that allows you to upload file to a given directory. The size of files to upload can be limited. You can also limit the extensions of files. You can have as many extensions as you like. Two versions available: a Unix...

PHP Avatars/Emoticons List

This PHP script is an ikonboard addon. It will help you to more easily manage avatars and emoticons. Features: Allow file upload from web, Sort your files alphebatically, Mouseover color change, Different color cells, and File status info including i...

AllMedia CGI

This script allows you to easily manage large groups of content such as Vivo, Mpg''s, Avi''s, Gif''s, Jpg''s, Text Files, and more. Simply upload the files and its online and ready to navigate.

The Datafeed System

This system is intended for those of you that have a set of data on your PC''s database; i.e. Access. You can export your list in a standard text format and upload it to your server where this script will deliver it to your client.


This script allows for people using browsers that are RFC1867 compliant to upload files directly through their web browser to your server. Administrators can configure for each users where file will be uploaded. This script is ideal for administrator...

@News Wizard

News Wizard is a customizable mailing list manager CGI script available in English, German, Spanish and French. Features: personalized newsletters, optional double opt-in anti-spam-security, opt-out, HTML-newsletters, unlimited lists, automatic un/su...

HTML Replace

If you''re generating pages repeatedly using the same format, or if you want to allow users to easily create data-entry and display screens, this script will do it. You just specify a file on your local hard drive that follows the right format, ...
DETAILS is a simple CGI perl script to upload file using netscape 2.0+ or Internet Explorer 4.0+. The program uses the perl module. To upload a file, the user must validate herself. The script uses a text file as a user database. The text fi...