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SQL Code Library

SQL Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library with the following benefits: 1. Built-in library with 50,000+ lines of code 2. Quick and powerful search engine 3. Powerful printing capability 4. Password protection &...

SQL Server Backup

SQL Server Backup is a backup and restore utility for Microsoft SQL Server . It''s user-friendly wizard lets you backup and restore SQL Server database to local harddisk or remote network driver easily and quickly . The flexible design enables y...
DETAILS Shopping Cart Script

Shopping cart script with a user-friendly control panel including: unlimited shipping && tax rules, unlimited categories, departments and products, photos upload and automatic thumbnails, multiple price options for every product, easy design ...

Net-factors ProEdit

Net-factors ProEdit is an ASP.NET WebControl and is written in 100% managed code and works under .Net and Mono (Linux) No coding needed No SQL needed (or create your own sql statements). Automatically detect views, stored procedures, trigg...

PHP Classifieds

PHP Classifieds (the original) have existed for 10 years, and is probably the most customizeable high performance Classifieds system out there. No encryption of code, it s open! It has a large user community. It s one is a highly customizeable profes...


Cart32 is a proven, very flexible shopping cart management system for Windows based Web servers. It features complete remote administration through a Web browser and is extremely secure, using public/private key encryption for credit card information...