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Buy and Sell

Have your visitors buy and sell through your site. In less then 5 minutes you have this complete function running at your site, It''s totally ready to go. It uses access 2000 database, dynamic dropdown boxes, ability to search products, advanced...


Simple but effective snow effect with link and mouseover capabilities. Java 1.0 for full compatibility.


Create amazing 3-state (normal, mouseover and depressed) toolbars for your webpages and experience the power and versatility of CSS. Create great and easily customizeable toolbars for your websites.

Gallery ASP

Use the Gallery ASP to display images on your website. Show a text list of images; then mouseover to see a thumbnail. Features: ASP driven (Microsoft IIS servers); Using Persits ASPJpeg to build thumbnail images and find image dimensions; Input suppo...

35mm Slide Gallery

An easy-to-use image gallery that looks like a slide album. All thumbnails will be framed with a slide mount. New version 6.0 with captioning, on-the-fly crop-to-fit thumbnails generation, mouseover effect and album description. Main Features: auto i...

Tabs Menu (onmouseover)

This is a mouseover tabs menu. Move the mouse over designated links, and additional &"sub links&" appear beneath it. Think of it as an inline two level menu.


apPuplseMenu allows you to create great looking menus with mouseover pulse effect. apPuplseMenu provides 14 throb kinds, allows you to configure colors, fonts, sounds, and background. The applets are fast, small (6kb), easy-to-use and free. Java sour...


rollover2.php is a php class which shows buttons using the rollover effect: When the mouse is over the button, the button image is swapped using a javascript function. 3 states are supported: standard image, mouseover image and &"down&&q...

AEM TurnMenu

This 3D Flash menu will use a 3D mouseover effect, it supports advanced features such as background images, custom fonts and more.
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Alergy to Button

A simple JavaScript code that shakes the windows upon mouseover a button. When clicked, it shows an alert message.