Updated: 07/29/2007

Gnews Publishing Software - Standard Version

Gnews Publisher is a database-driven complete news portal software for Windows Servers. Gnews is an ideal tool set to manage content online with role-based membership, content schedule, RSS syndication and search engine friendly URL''s. Software is designed to run on any windows based servers powered by ISS 5 or 6, and also a open source code project. Supported databases are MS Access and MS SQL Server. Software contains a full text search engine. Visitors can search content and browse to archived articles. Search engine article pages helps to increase your success in search engines rating. Software also contains a commenting system. Membership system allows visitors to access commenting system to write their reviews. Gnews Publisher is a helper to manage a news portal without worrying to publish up-to-date content. Because system supports scheduled posting. Write your articles, edit publish date. Sustem will publish content when you want to see it online.