Updated: 03/26/2007

Article Publisher -

This powerful new tool is the only program you ll need to create your Webpages. Use Article Publisher to create and manage content, generate search-engine-friendly URLs, and pinpoint which Webpages net you the most readers. Advanced WYSIWYG editing, best-of-breed imaging functionality, and customizable features make content management simple and efficient. Automatic RSS feeds keep regular viewers updated and bring new viewers to your site. Our easy-to-use template engine helps you to keep the look and feel of your Website fresh with an unsurpassed flexibility and range of options. You can also use Article Publisher to get to know your Website dynamics in real time; view which Websites are sending the most traffic to yours, and which search engine spiders visit your site most frequently and which pages they crawl. Track AdSense clicks and see precisely when and where users clicked. Best of all, automatic installation has you up and running in no time!